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A reserve General in the Israeli occupation Forces calls for annihilation of the resistance movements

A reserve General in the Israeli occupation Forces has called for “decisive” attacks against Hezbollah in South Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Today’s Opinion reported on Tuesday. Zvika Vogel described the movements as a “jihad pandemic” running parallel to the coronavirus crisis. While a vaccine is being developed to get rid of Covid-19, he said, there is nothing …

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Among 13 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli occupation forces, General Bilal Al-Natsheh taken to hospital after harsh interrogation

A Palestinian detainee was taken to hospital yesterday after he was subjected to harsh interrogation following his arrest by Israeli occupation forces, the PLO’s Prisoners’ Committee has revealed. General Bilal Al-Natsheh was among 13 Palestinians, most of them officials, who were arrested on Tuesday morning during raids by the Israeli forces in different parts of Jerusalem and the West Bank. …

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Israeli occupation forces boats opened fire at Palestinian fishermen sailing in the northern Gaza

Israeli occupation forces boats opened fire at Palestinian fishermen sailing in the northern Gaza shore forcing them to return to the port the occupation forces opened live fire and water hoses at the fishermen who were sailing three nautical miles off shore causing damage to at least one boat. While fishing is vital for thousands of Palestinian households, occupation’s  restricts …

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Expert: Israel attacks on Syria aim to eliminate Iran presence

An Israeli military expert said the latest series of attacks carried out by Israel in Syria in April are part of a policy aimed at “uprooting Iranian crops from the Syrian field”. Alex Fishman, a military affairs analyst at Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, explained that the Israeli attacks are not reactions to an Iranian action but rather “initiated actions aimed at uprooting …

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Palestine receives Turkish aid to stem coronavirus

The Palestinian Health Ministry on Tuesday received a medical aid shipment from Turkey to help in the fight against coronavirus. The shipment was delivered by interim Turkish Ambassador Ahmet Riza Demir during a reception at the Health Ministry premises. He said: Turkey will continue its support to the Palestinian people to help fight coronavirus. Our support to the Palestinian leadership, …

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Palestinian Health Ministry announced six new coronavirus cases, raising the total to 538.

Palestine confirmed Tuesday afternoon six new coronavirus cases, raising the total number of confirmed cases in the occupied territories to 538. Health Minister Mai al-Kaileh announced that four Palestinians, identified as residents of As-Samou’ town, south of Hebron city, and two others, identified as residents of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of al-Tur, all tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Among …

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