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Tag Archives: West Bank

Israeli occuaption confiscates 100 dunums of land south of Nablus

Israeli occupation authorities issued today a military order to size about 100 dunhams of Palestinian-owned lands in Qaryat and Jaloud, two villages located south of Nablus in the West Bank. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is escalating the confiscation of Palestinian lands and the expansion of the illegal settlements as part of his efforts to appease Jewish settlers ahead of …

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IOF arrests university lecturer from Ramallah

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Sunday morning launched a raid and arrest campaign in the West Bank, where they arrested four Palestinians including a university lecturer. The detainees included a media lecturer at Birzeit University, Widad Barghouti (mother of the two prisoners Qassam and Carmel Barghouti) from Kobar village north of Ramallah. In addition, they arrested two men from the …

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The Israeli occupation arrest 4 Palestinians and clashes in Jenin

The Israeli occupation forces arrested four Palestinians last night during the campaign of detentions in the West Bank. The Israeli occupation forces carry out daily arrests and incursions into the cities of the West Bank and Jerusalem. A number of citizens were suffocated during clashes that erupted tonight with Israeli occupation soldiers after they stormed Jenin refugee camp and Wadi …

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