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Minister Of Health Says that Seven Coronavirus Cases In Palestine

Minister of Health Mai Kaileh confirmed today that there are seven cases of coronavirus in Palestine, the first since the outbreak of the deadly virus. She said at a press conference in Bethlehem that after examining 20 Palestinians suspected of having the disease who worked at a hotel in this southern West Bank city where a group of Greek tourists …

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Four winners of the Prize for Preserving Palestinian Heritage in UK

The Palestinian Forum in Britain announced on Friday 13.12.2019 the names of the winners of the annual award for the preservation of the Palestinian heritage with included four fields in the national music, fashion, food and embroidery, and for this year it was gifted to Sir Ian Kalimar and his wife Jean for their project called “the national fabric of …

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IOF raids homes summons citizen in al-Khalil

The Israeli occupation forces on Saturday raided several homes in al-Khalil province and summoned a Palestinian citizen for interrogation. According to local sources, the IOF stormed Bani Na’im town in the east of al-Khalil and ransacked a number of homes belonging to the families of Zidat and al-Khadour. During its campaign in the town, the IOF handed a citizen called …

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