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Israeli Forces Arrest Zatarah Operator

Official Hebrew statements announce on Thursday the capture of Montaser Shalabi, Zaatarah checkpoint operator, which resulted in three Israeli settlers shooting, one killed and two in critical conditions, earlier last Sunday in Nablus, occupied Palestine. The Israel Security Agency – The Shein Bet – stated the Yamam Unit, one of four special units of the Israel Police Force, conducted the …

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Firm threats by Deif, as “Israelis have to be cautious,” he says.

Mohammed Deif, chief of staff and supreme military commander of Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, briefed on Tuesday strict messages of support and courage to all Palestinians who suffer the crimes of the Israeli occupation most in recent days, and to those of Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in particular. During his talk, …

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Israel Hands On Palestine Press Continues to Violate Rights and Laws

Gaza Government Media Office has reported on Monday, May 3, 778 Israeli violations of Palestinian journalists’ rights through 2020-2021. The Media Office stated on the advent of World Press Freedom Day, “Palestinian journalists lay under countless colors of aggressions and assaults committed against their work nature by Israel, which counted 778 during only 2020-2021.” The office added that 561 crimes …

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Abbas Addresses Palestinians While Serious Anticipations of Elections Delay Precede

“President of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas delivers a statement on Thursday, and Palestinians catch sight of elections delay coming”, says Majdalani—a PLO’s Executive Committee member. And adds, local issues the Palestinian Authority still has to take decisive actions regarding, mentioning the continuous tensions committed by the occupation in Jerusalem with ‘political interjections’ that compromise any democratic development in the city, …

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