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Maariv: “Fatah bases unfounded allegations on Israel to delay Palestinian elections.”

Palestinian and Middle East Affairs Analyst, Avi Issacharoff, reports that the PA President’s decision of elections delay was taken based on fears of loss after polls showing Abbas going over a cliff.  Issacharoff added that the past week’s chaotic decisions proved the Palestinian internal affairs’ policy is correlated to a high extent with the ‘Israeli drive.’  He therefore clarified though …

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“Palestinian Elections Delay,” Decrees Abbas.

Last Thursday evening, President of PA Mahmoud Abbas states a presidential decree declaring a delay for the Palestinian legislative and general elections, which he had called on all parties for on January 1st, 2021, until further notice, and total rejection argument comment on the decision with ‘chaotic intentions.’ The PA’s decree came days after repetitive claims that the Israeli occupation …

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Abbas Addresses Palestinians While Serious Anticipations of Elections Delay Precede

“President of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas delivers a statement on Thursday, and Palestinians catch sight of elections delay coming”, says Majdalani—a PLO’s Executive Committee member. And adds, local issues the Palestinian Authority still has to take decisive actions regarding, mentioning the continuous tensions committed by the occupation in Jerusalem with ‘political interjections’ that compromise any democratic development in the city, …

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