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Palestine’s rate of new infections increased 15,000% since March

The Latest: 17,948 Palestinian testing positive for COVID-19; 13,644 in the West Bank; 78 in Gaza97 deaths from Palestinians with COVID-19 related causes; 9 new fatalities in the last week367 average daily new infections among Palestinians since Aug. 1Israel’s new coronavirus czar takes office, moves contact tracing to IDF 80,991 Israelis testing positive for COVID-19; 581 deaths      This last …

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Palestinian MP condemns Israel’s theft of part of Al-Ibrahimi Mosque

Chairman of Jerusalem’s Committee in the Palestinian Legislative Council, MP Ahmed Abu Halabiyeh, yesterday condemned Israel’s expropriation of part of Al-Ibrahimi Mosque, Quds Press reported. “Stripping [Palestinian Authority]’s municipality of Hebron from its supervision over Al-Ibrahimi Mosque and handing it over to the Settlement Planning Council is a new crime of judaisation,” the MP said in a statement. He stated that this …

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Israeli forces demolish brick house, water well in north of West Bank

Israeli forces demolished today a residential house made of bricks and a water well in the village of Faraseen, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, said a local official. Head of Faraseen village council, Mahmoud Amarneh, said that Israeli forces demolished a 250 cubic meter water well and a 70-square-meter brick house displacing local resident Fayez Amarneh …

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