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‘NYT’ columnist says Biden won’t be a ‘troublemaker’– when Israel needs to kill Palestinian children

We have frequently questioned why The New York Times ran four columns justifying Israel’s slaughter of 250+ nonviolent Palestinian protesters in 2018 with no one ever held to account. One of those columns, by Israeli rightwinger Shmuel Rosner, expressed raw anti-Palestinian bias in blaming the victims for protesting their own imprisonment in the sights of Israeli snipers across the fence: …

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Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem displaced following Israeli-ordered demolitions

Three Palestinian brothers and their families found themselves today homeless after the Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem demolished their three-apartment building in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan under the pretext of construction without permit. At the same time, two other Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem were forced to tear down their homes on their own at orders from the …

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Report: Biden personally intervened to get the word ‘occupation’ removed from the Democratic Party platform

A report from Foreign Policy claims that Joe Biden personally intervened to make sure the word “occupation” was omitted from the Democratic Party platform. According to three sources familiar with the discussions, Biden’s move came after heavy pressure from pro-Israel groups. Aides of the presumptive Democratic nominee also called progressive delegates and encouraged them to drop the demand for occupation …

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