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PA criticised for diverting vaccines meant for medical workers to VIPs

The Palestinian Authority has confirmed that it diverted some Covid-19 vaccine doses intended for front-line medical workers to VIPs instead, including the national football team and government ministers. The PA has said repeatedly that its first vaccines would go to medical workers and elderly patients, who are at the greatest risk of severe illness or death. However, a PA health …

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Israel sells surveillance drones to unnamed East Asian country

In another sign of Israel’s indispensability to the global arms industry, controversial weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems defeated its competitor Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to win a lucrative tender to supply unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to an unnamed East Asian country. Elbit will provide the country with dozens of Hermes 900 UAVs in a deal valued at roughly $300 million according …

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Hamas under the hold of the PA, Israel in the occupied West Bank

Security services of the Palestinian Authority (PA) have arrested several Hamas members and activists in the occupied West Bank and put them in Al-Juaid Prison in the city of Nablus. They were later moved to the notorious Jericho Prison, which has been known to hold Hamas members and leaders, as well as critics of the PA. This came just a …

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