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Pro-Israel group fails to have BDS supporting professor removed

A pro-Israel American campus group has failed in its bid to have a professor removed from the position of interim dean of a department at the George Washington University because of her support for the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. Professor Ilana Feldman was targeted by GW for Israel following her appointment as the interim dean of the …

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West Bank: Occupation forces launch massive arrest campaign

The occupation forces launched raids on many areas of the West Bank and arrested a number of citizens, including a prominent Hamas leader, amid an extensive campaign which started a week ago. The raids targeted the town of Ya`bad, in Jenin, after an Israeli soldier was killed during clashes with Palestinians, who protested against a massive campaign of incursions that …

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Jerusalemite teen injured in stabbing attack by Jewish settler

A Palestinian teenager was injured on Sunday night when a Jewish settler suddenly attacked him with a knife in Occupied Jerusalem. According to local sources, 17-year-old Mohamed al-Natsha suffered a moderate injury in his neck when a settler stabbed him in Salahuddin Street. The boy was rushed to hospital for medical assistance. However, there was no information if the Israeli …

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