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Israel’s ‘fierce’ targeting of human rights groups exposed in new report

Over the past decade, Israel has been running a vicious smear campaign targeting human rights groups critical of the Zionist state, a new report by the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders (the Observatory) has found. Titled Target Locked, the report exposed “the unrelenting Israeli smear campaigns to discredit human rights groups in Israel, Palestine, and the Syrian …

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Gaza tension pushes Israeli army head to cancel US visit

The Chief of Staff of the Israel Defence Forces, Aviv Kochavi, has cancelled his visit to the United States, during which he was scheduled to meet with American officials to mobilise them against rejoining the Iran nuclear deal, an IDF spokesperson announced on Sunday. According to the Jerusalem Post, this follows “a security assessment, and to improve the preparations for …

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Abbas Addresses Palestinians While Serious Anticipations of Elections Delay Precede

“President of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas delivers a statement on Thursday, and Palestinians catch sight of elections delay coming”, says Majdalani—a PLO’s Executive Committee member. And adds, local issues the Palestinian Authority still has to take decisive actions regarding, mentioning the continuous tensions committed by the occupation in Jerusalem with ‘political interjections’ that compromise any democratic development in the city, …

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