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Six Egyptian fishermen rescued off Gaza’s coast

The Naval Police in the blockaded Gaza Strip rescued at daybreak Thursday six Egyptian fishermen off Gaza’s seashore, after violent winds tossed their fishing vessel into Gaza’s water. Another fishermen has, however, gone missing. The six rescued Egyptians were taken to Shuhadaa al-Aqsa Hospital for treatment. Media sources said Gaza’s naval forces rushed to the scene to pull the Egyptian …

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New Israeli Military Chief Promises ‘Deadly, Efficient’ Army

Israel’s new military chief has taken office at a ceremony in Tel Aviv and promised an even more “deadly, efficient” response from his troops despite hundreds of protesters killed on the Gaza border over the past year. Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, 54, was promoted from major-general at the ceremony at the military headquarters, becoming the country’s 22nd military chief. Kochavi, who served …

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Qalandiya Checkpoint: ‘Winter is a Harsh Season’

A man who is yet to recover from his surgery waited with his wife for a taxi to take them back home, to Gaza. It was freezing and they were both shivering. Israeli soldiers didn’t allow just any taxi to take them home, but one that they would trust would indeed take them to the besieged Strip so that they …

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