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“Palestinian Elections Delay,” Decrees Abbas.

Last Thursday evening, President of PA Mahmoud Abbas states a presidential decree declaring a delay for the Palestinian legislative and general elections, which he had called on all parties for on January 1st, 2021, until further notice, and total rejection argument comment on the decision with ‘chaotic intentions.’ The PA’s decree came days after repetitive claims that the Israeli occupation …

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Abbas postpones legislative election over voting rights

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced last night that the first Palestinian national election in 15 years has been postponed until Israel allows the vote to take place in Jerusalem. The election was due to take place next month, but Abbas made the announcement after a meeting of the Palestinian factions in Ramallah. “We have decided to postpone the parliamentary …

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Israel uses drones to disperse West Bank protests

Israeli occupation forces last week used drones to disperse Palestinian demonstrations in the occupied West Bank, Haaretz revealed yesterday. The use of drones on a wider scale was approved last week, and they were used in the West Bank and Jerusalem for the first time over the weekend, the Israeli daily said. According to the paper, Israeli forces used drones …

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