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Israeli army blocks rights monitors from protecting schoolchildren

The Israeli occupation forces on Sunday morning prevented activists from securing children’s access to their schools in the southern occupied West Bank province of Hebron. Anti-settlement activists said an Israeli patrol blocked their access to Palestinian schools to prevent them from monitoring daily violations by Israeli soldiers against students. An Israeli patrol forced them out of al-Shuhadaa Street, declaring the …

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Israeli occupation opens fire at fishermen in besieged Gaza

Israeli occupation navy on Sunday morning attacked Palestinian fishermen off the seashore of Khan Younis, south of the blockaded Gaza Strip, with barrages of machine gunfire. According to local sources, Israeli gunboats opened fire at Palestinian fishing vessels setting sail within the authorized nautical miles. No injuries have been reported in the Israeli shooting attack. Israeli navy and troops routinely …

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Gaza security seizes shipment of army shoes containing tracking chips

A Palestinian security source in the Gaza Strip revealed on Saturday that the security forces confiscated a shipment of military boots containing GPS tracking microchips after searching a cargo truck at the Karam Abu Salem border crossing. The source explained, on condition of anonymity, that a Gaza-bound truck laden with military boots arrived at the Abu Salem crossing a few …

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