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IOF soldiers object the restrictions on firing on Gazan protesters

The commanders and soldiers currently working on the Gaza Strip border strongly criticize the policies and regulations for firing at Palestinian demonstrators along the border at the separation fence. A commander in the Paratroopers Brigade said: “When we ask the commanders above us why we are told that there is a new assessment of the situation and these guidelines should …

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Woman Paralyzed in Crash Wins $37.6 Million Judgement Against Honda Over Seat Belt Design

A Texas jury awarded Sarah Milburn over $37.6 million in her lawsuit against Honda over the design of the seatbelts in the 2011 Odyssey, reports Dallas News. The 27-year-old’s lawyer argued that the seatbelt design itself was flawed, contributing to the injuries she sustained in a 2015 crash in Dallas, Texas. Milburn, who is now a quadriplegic with only limited …

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Lebanon reveals details of arrested Mossad agent’s role in targeting of Hamas leader

Lebanese authorities have revealed more information about the role of the Mossad agent arrested in the country in January after his involvement in an Israeli assassination attempt against a Hamas leader. Lebanon had arrested a person whom they accuse of being a Mossad agent in the Lebanese city of Sidon, and found in possession of a large number of electronic …

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