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Israeli Rejects Detainee’s Demands In Ofar, Vows Further Sanctions And Punitive Measures

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that the detainees held, Wednesday, a negotiating session with the Israeli Prison Administration in Ofar Prison, demanding an end to ongoing invasions of their room, and other punitive measures against them, but the demands were rejected, and the administration vowed more sanctions, including additional prison terms, and high fines. The PPS stated that …

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New evidence in case of Palestinian Mother Stoned to Death by Right-Wing Israelis

Israeli authorities on Wednesday released new information about the death of Aisha al-Rabi, who was killed by a mob of right-wing Israelis in October 2018, stating that they had found DNA of the central suspect in the case on the rock that caused her death. Of the five right-wing Israeli teens arrested for the crime last month, just one remains …

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Alarm sounded over Israeli crimes against Palestinian detainees

The Political Committee for Palestine in Europe has called for large-scale solidarity initiatives with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails Head of the committee, Abu Kareem Farhoud, warned of the simmering Israeli crimes against Palestinian prisoners, particularly in Ofer lock-up, among other prisons Farhoud said the committee has been doing its best to speak up against the ceaseless Israeli crimes …

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