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Palestinian shot dead by Israeli police in Jerusalem

A Palestinian man died at dawn Saturday after he was shot by the Israeli police in Jerusalem city The Israeli police said that Riyad Shamasneh, a resident of Qatanna town in Occupied Jerusalem, was shot during a car chase The police claimed that Shamasneh was driving a car with an Israeli license plate  

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Hamas refuses third payment of Qatar grant

Hamas has rejected a Qatari grant which is being transferred to the Gaza Strip, a senior official said. Speaking at a press conference today, Khalil Al-Hayya said the movement had discussed the issue with the Qatari Ambassador to Gaza Mohammed Al-Emadi and Hamas is not able to accept the grant after taking into consideration the conditions placed by Israel on …

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Israeli Rejects Detainee’s Demands In Ofar, Vows Further Sanctions And Punitive Measures

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that the detainees held, Wednesday, a negotiating session with the Israeli Prison Administration in Ofar Prison, demanding an end to ongoing invasions of their room, and other punitive measures against them, but the demands were rejected, and the administration vowed more sanctions, including additional prison terms, and high fines. The PPS stated that …

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