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VIDEO: Why did Hamas Refuse Aid Money from Qatar

Scholar Imad Al-Soos discusses the massive changes in the relationship between the Israeli government and Hamas in Gaza, over past months, and how Hamas’ new policies affect the lives of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Dr. Imad Alsoos wrote his PhD at the Free University of Berlin. He’s a scholar of the Hamas party and of Palestinian nationalism.

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Egypt to increase trade with Gaza

The Egyptian authorities have pledged to increase commercial trade with Gaza and keep Rafah crossing open, regardless of an absence of Palestinian Authority (PA) staff, Hamas sources told MEMO today. The sources said that Egypt would develop the work of Rafah crossing on both the Egyptian and Gazan side, pledging to increase trade to fulfill the economic needs of the …

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Spain company rejects Israel tender for Jerusalem railway

A Spanish company announced yesterday that it had rejected an Israeli tender to build part of the Jerusalem railway, which will cut deep into occupied territory. Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF or Construction and Other Railway Services) announced that it “refuses to build a section of the railway in Jerusalem because [it] included Palestinian land that will be confiscated, …

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