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Israel arrests 14 Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank

Israeli army forces rounded up 14 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, according to the military on Sunday. In a statement, the army said Israeli forces arrested nine people in the West Bank for “suspected involvement in popular terrorist activities”, but without elaborating on the nature of these activities. Local residents said five people were arrested in Israeli …

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Israel building new overground fence around Gaza Strip

The Israeli Defence Ministry on Sunday announced it has begun building the overground part of barrier around the blockaded Gaza Strip. The Defence Ministry, in a statement said, the construction started on Thursday. “The barrier will be 65 kilometers long and will be six-meter-high, along the border from Kerem Shalom in the south and will be connected to the new …

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Midnight Horror in Gaza

By Rana Shubair … “Mom, do they bomb residential buildings?, asked one of my daughters in fear. And my response again came in the form of a lie: “No, habibti. They don’t. Don’t be scared.” I stroked her cheek to reassure her. As a parent, what can I do? I wasn’t sure if there would be other buildings whose residents …

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