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Israel settlers threaten Palestinian workers over cooperation with human rights groups

Israeli settlers in the southern occupied West Bank have “posted flyers warning Palestinian labourers not to cooperate with Israeli human rights activists or organisations if they want to keep their jobs”, reported +972 Magazine. Settlers based in the so-called Gush Etzion bloc “have been posting these intimidating flyers around Palestinian villages nearby”, stated the article. “The flyers threaten to ban …

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“Israel”: Netanyahu’s Likud party elects Knesset candidates

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party held primary election today to choose its candidates in the 9 April election. A total of 142 candidates are vying in the vote, from which voters will select the top 12 preferred candidates to run in the Knesset election. Some 120,000 party members are eligible to cast ballot in today’s vote. Official …

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‘Gaza’ documentary wins 33rd Spain Goya Award

The documentary “Gaza” directed by Gary Keane and Andrew McConnell won the Best Documentary Short Film on Sunday at the Goya Awards in Spain. The documentary, which first premiered in the Sundance Film Festival at the start of the year, depicts the lives of Palestinians living under the 12-year siege in the Gaza Strip. McConnell, a photojournalist, first visited Gaza …

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