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Report: Israeli gov’t uses judicial tricks to legitimize settlement outposts

By: Madeeha Araj/ NBPRS/ The National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements  in its weekly report said that the Israeli government continues legitimizing the illegal settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank, using various judicial tricks under Article 5 of the State’s Property and the Military Order of 1967 in order to seize more lands. The Israeli Authorities have …

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Clashes break out as IOF lock down a gate of Al-Aqsa mosque

Clashes broke out today as Palestinians participated in performing prayers in the area of ​​ Bab al-Rahma inside the mosque, starting today’s noon prayer as a protest against the Israeli closure of the gate. According to eyewitnesses, Israeli soldiers broke into the area last night and put new locks on the door of mercy, to prevent the endowments from opening …

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Artist tackles childhood trauma in Palestine through Graffiti

The European graffiti artist, who prefers to keep his identity unknown and goes by the name “Cakes, agreed to talk about his history and over a hundred graffiti stamped on one of the world’s most polemical walls. Cakes, a 33 years old graffiti artist, leaves his art on the 750-km-long separation wall built by Israel, and his art is easy …

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