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Despite the hardship, for 2 million Palestinians Gaza is home, and they can’t wait to get back

Two million people live on the sliver of land along the Mediterranean coast of Palestine that we know as the Gaza Strip. They have endured 14 years of Israeli-led blockade; many of their homes have been destroyed or badly damaged; the infrastructure is shaky at the best of times; there is 70 per cent unemployment and the health sector barely …

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Military members in Gaza protest PA decision to force them into retirement

Protesting outside the Insurance and Pensions Authority in Gaza City, they demanded President Mahmoud Abbas and members of the Fatah Central Committee cancel the compulsory retirement law that was put in place against military personnel in Gaza. Their living conditions, they added, had deteriorated as a result of the order which had exacerbated the stifling economic conditions in the Strip …

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Gaza refugees protest against cuts in UNRWA food assistance

Hundreds of Palestinian refugees closed the UN Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA)’s food distribution centres in Gaza yesterday to protest against the organisation’s reduction in food assistance. The protest was organised by the Joint Popular Committee for Palestine Refugees and began on Saturday. The committee said protests would continue until UNRWA reversed its decision. According to media reports, hundreds of …

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