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Palestinian completes 18 years behind Israeli bars

A Palestinian serving a 35-year sentence in Israeli jails for resisting its occupation completed today 18 years behind bars, according to the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS). PPS said Safi Bassam Hushia, from the town of Al-Yamun in the north of the West Bank, completed today 18 years behind Israeli bars, during which he was subjected to the Israeli arbitrary punishment …

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Israel’s siege and violence are damaging Palestinian children’s minds

Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip are being psychologically tortured. Growing up with periods of prolonged fear and abuse has devastating physical and mental consequences, and young people are suffering as a result. Israel’s latest military offensive against the Palestinians in Gaza inflicted lasting trauma on children, with noticeable behavioural changes due to what they witnessed during the bombing; not …

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Gaza raises level of preparedness for India covid variant

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has raised the level of preparedness in anticipation of the entry of new strains of coronavirus, including the Indian variant, the Deputy Director General of Primary Care in the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Dr. Majdi Duhair, said. Duhair expects the Indian variant of COVID-19 to reach Gaza Strip, since it has appeared in …

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