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Two Palestinians injured by Israeli gunfire in Ramallah

Two Palestinian young men on Sunday evening suffered bullet injuries after the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed Deir Abu Masha’al village in northern Ramallah and clashed with local youths. According to local sources, one young man was injured by live ammunition in his leg and another one was injured by a rubber bullet during clashes. The IOF also laid siege …

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Israeli occupation forces demolish house, injure dozens in Bethlehem

Israeli forces today demolished a Palestinian house under construction and injured dozens in al-Walaja village, northwest of the Bethlehem city, according to sources. Mayor of al-Walaja, Khader al-A‘araj, said that Israeli forces escorted a bulldozer to northwestern part of the village, where the heavy machinery tore down a two-story house under construction, purportedly for being built without a permit. The …

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Israeli settlers attack Palestinian farmers in Bethlehem

Israeli settlers today assaulted Palestinian shepherds in Kisan village, to the east of the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem, local sources said. Mayor of Kisan, Ahmad Ghazal, said that settlers from the illegal Israeli colonial settlement of Ibei Hanahal hurled rocks toward a number of shepherds, injuring one, and released dogs towards the sheep, devouring the heads of several …

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