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Israel army: Israel has been too lenient regarding rebuilding of Gaza

Following the end of the latest Israeli offensive on Gaza in May, the Israeli occupation stressed that rebuilding and developing the war-torn enclave would not happen before releasing Israeli prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza. “Operation Guardian of the Walls ended, but it has not finished,” Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz asserted. “Hamas terror group in Gaza needs …

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The EU backs the unfeasible, in favour of Israel’s colonial expansion

Israel’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid stressed the importance of a “new start” in relations with the EU, during a meeting of the European Foreign Affairs Council yesterday. The EU’s Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell echoed the sentiment, describing the meeting as “a great chance to restart relations with Israel.” Yet the way forward for Israel is a continuation of what …

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Gaza incurs $479m in losses following Israel offensive

Gaza suffered $479 million worth of damages during Israel’s 11-day bombardment of the enclave in May, the Palestinian Ministry of Housing in Gaza announced today. In a press conference, Deputy Housing Minister Naji Sarhan said that the losses were suffered in the housing, infrastructure, development and economic sectors. The housing sector and infrastructure losses made up 61 per cent out …

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