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Bella Hadid renews her solidarity with the Palestinian cause and the Palestinians

Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid has reiterated her love for Palestine, the birthplace of her father, through a photo she shared with her followers on her Instagram page. “A Palestinian girl on the cover of Vogue,” Bella wrote in her post. “I am happy to say: I will not stop talking about the oppression and pain that Palestinians systematically face. With …

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Israeli occupation forces raid sections of Palestinian detainees in Naqab

Israeli repression units raided today section 2 in the Israeli prison of Ktzi’ot, in the Naqab desert, where Palestinian political detainees are incarcerated, and brutally assaulted and clashed with them, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS). The PPS said in a statement that clashes erupted between the Palestinian prisoners and the attacking repression units, but said no further details …

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NGO documents 111 violations against Palestinian content in July

Sada Social Center, a Palestinian digital rights organization, said in a statement today it has documented 111 violations against Palestinian content by international social media platforms during July 2021. The Sada Social Center team documented more than 111 violations during July: 50 violations by Twitter, another 50 by Facebook and an additional 11 violations by Instagram. These violations, according to …

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