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Israeli occupation forces Detain Palestinians from the West Bank tonight

Israeli occupation forces, on Wednesday, detained several Palestinians from various areas of the occupied West Bank, the Jerusalem Press reported. Occupation forces detained Mu’taz Jumaa Jadal Abu Muhaimid, 29, from the al-Fardis area, east of Bethlehem, in the southern West Bank, after they stormed and searched his father’s home. In the northern West Bank, south of Jenin, an Israeli army …

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Three Children Die in Home Fire During Power Outage in Nusairat Refugee Camp

Three siblings from al-Nuseirat refugee camp, Central Gaza Strip, died after fire broke out in their house caused by a lit candle used for light during power outage on Tuesday, 01 September 2020; a manifestation of Gaza’s chronic electricity crisis. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) expresses its deep grieve and sorrow for the death of the three children …

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Israel soldier filmed kneeling on elderly Palestinian’s neck in West Bank protest

Israeli Soldier Kneels On Neck Of Elderly Palestinian ManAn elderly Palestinian man brutally attacked today by an Israeli soldier during a peaceful protest against the occupation on Shufa village, near Tulkarm.#Palestine #Palestinians #PalestinianLivesMatter #UAEIsrael— DOAM (@doamuslims) September 1, 2020 A video circulating on social media shows an Israeli soldier kneeling on an elderly Palestinian protester’s neck while arresting him …

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