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Report: Facebook most common platform for anti-Palestinian racism in Israel

Facebook, as well as several Israeli mass media outlets, is the most common media platform used to deliver anti-Palestinian racism and incitement, a specialist report has concluded. A quantitative report conducted in August by the Arab Centre for Media Freedom, Development and Research (I’LAM) found that Facebook accounted for 30 per cent of the racism and incitement, followed by Israel …

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Jordan: Bahrain, Israel normalization deal not welcomed

Jordan announced today that necessary steps to achieve a fair peace should come from Israel after Bahrain and Israel announced a normalization deal, Anadolu Agency reports. Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said Israel should stop procedures to undermine the two-state solution and end its illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. Morroccan Tawheed and Islah Movement described the agreement as a betrayal to Palestinians. …

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Lebanon, Israel ‘getting closer’ to maritime border demarcation

US Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker announced on Tuesday that Lebanon and Israel are “getting closer” to a framework deal on the demarcation of maritime borders. In a meeting with reporters conducted via telephone, Schenker told journalist and editor Marlene Khalife of the Lebanese Masdar Diplomacy that he attributed the reason for not reaching a framework for the agreement to …

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