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Israel court slams government for delay in demolishing Palestinian village

The Israeli government and the country’s High Court of Justice are in dispute over the demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar, a Palestinian village near Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank, which is obstructing the expansion of Jewish only illegal settlements. The court has slammed the government’s request for another postponement of the demolition of the village as “embarrassing”. A hearing over …

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Israel seeks 5,000 new settlement units in West Bank

Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz is seeking to approve 5,000 new settlement units in the occupied West Bank, local media revealed on Sunday. According to the Israeli TV Channel 12, Gantz wants the High Planning Council to convene this week for the approval of the construction plans. Therefore, he sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking him to convene …

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European Union missions note with concern ongoing Israeli demolition of Palestinian structures

The European Union missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah today expressed concern regarding Israel’s ongoing demolition of Palestinian structures in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, despite the COVID-19 outbreak. They said in a statement that these demolitions, including EU and EU Member States-funded structures, have resulted in the displacement of Palestinians and negatively affected Palestinian communities. As of 31 …

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