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The status quo is being reinforced for Israel’s benefit

Palestine has been lost through decades of waiting, while the UN sets the scene to aid Israel’s colonial plunder. Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, now dissociated from his tenure, penned an op-ed for the Financial Times which was published in the aftermath of Israel’s most recent bombing of Gaza. “It is time to acknowledge that the longstanding approach taken to …

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Raisi renews Iran’s support for Palestine

The new Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Friday renewed his country’s support for the Palestinian people and Palestinian resistance, Anadolu Agency reported. The previous day, Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh, accompanied by a senior Hamas delegation, arrived in Tehran to attend the inauguration of the new Iranian President Raisi. During a meeting with the Hamas delegation headed by Haniyeh on Friday …

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13 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike against detention without trial for more than 20 days

A total of 13 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli detention currently remain on hunger strike in protest of their unfair administrative detention without a charge or trial, according to the Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission. The Commission said longest hunger-striker of the 13 prisoners is prisoner Salem Ziadat, 40 years old, who has been on hunger strike for 28 days in …

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