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Abbas has climbed down on holding the Palestinian elections, as usual

I was one of the first to predict that the Palestinian elections will not take place, from the moment that Mahmoud Abbas, the president of security coordination with the occupation, decreed their dates. That was my belief then, and it remains so now because I am aware of his deceitful character. He has made a number of climb-downs after drawing …

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Australia military to stop using Israel defence system

The Australian government has informed Israel’s largest private arms company, Elbit Systems, that its military will stop using its Battle Management System (BMS) from mid-June. “The news was given to the company with no explanation as to the reasoning behind the decision, with Defence confirming that they have no interim solution to replace the capability,” the Australian Defencewebsite reports. However, …

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Israeli Forces Arrest Zatarah Operator

Official Hebrew statements announce on Thursday the capture of Montaser Shalabi, Zaatarah checkpoint operator, which resulted in three Israeli settlers shooting, one killed and two in critical conditions, earlier last Sunday in Nablus, occupied Palestine. The Israel Security Agency – The Shein Bet – stated the Yamam Unit, one of four special units of the Israel Police Force, conducted the …

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