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Hamas chief visits place of his exile in south Lebanon after 27 years

Head of Hamas’ Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh visited Nabatieh, in southern Lebanon, on Saturday, where Israel exiled him along with hundreds of Hamas members in 1992. “Haniyeh visited the town of Marj Al-Zohour, where he and 400 other Hamas and Islamic Jihad movement members stayed in exile,” Hamas said in a statement posted on its official website. Describing the period …

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Iran, Turkey and Qatar can form alliance says Hamas rep in Tehran

Iran, Turkey and Qatar can form an economic and political alliance in the region according to Khaled Al-Qaddoumi, the Hamas representative in Tehran. In an interview with Tehran Times published on Monday, Al-Qaddoumi said he believes the region is in dire need of a strong alliance to resist the Israeli occupation and foreign interventions. Asked about the recent normalisation between Israel and …

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Normalization with Israel is not inevitable

The claim that normalisation with Israel and the establishment of official and public relations between the Arab countries and Tel Aviv is inevitable is nonsense. Such claims are worthless politically, historically and even logically. It is like saying that corruption is an inevitable result of living in a city where everyone is corrupt. If the Arab states’ normalization with the …

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‘NYT’ columnist says Biden won’t be a ‘troublemaker’– when Israel needs to kill Palestinian children

We have frequently questioned why The New York Times ran four columns justifying Israel’s slaughter of 250+ nonviolent Palestinian protesters in 2018 with no one ever held to account. One of those columns, by Israeli rightwinger Shmuel Rosner, expressed raw anti-Palestinian bias in blaming the victims for protesting their own imprisonment in the sights of Israeli snipers across the fence: …

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Israel: Protestors demand Netanyahu’s resignation

Thousands of protestors gathered late Saturday in front of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence here to demand his resignation, Anadolu Agency reports. Demonstrators also gathered in Caesarea in front of Netanyahu’s private home, as well as on 250 intersections throughout the country. Protesters demanded the resignation of the detached and failing government. They called for Netanyahu to resign citing his corruption …

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Israeli impunity is coming to an end

The days of Israel’s impunity are dwindling as the International Criminal Court inches closer towards opening a full investigation into war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. An Israeli diplomatic offensive and sanctions by the US have so far not bullied the court into submission. A pre-trial chamber’s determination on court jurisdiction in Palestine is expected soon (the …

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The unlikely war between Egypt and Turkey in Libya

Many countries are engaged in what is a complex conflict in Libya, and so some obvious proxy wars are shaping up. For several reasons, Egypt and Turkey are the most involved due to the profound impact of what is happening in Libya on their national security and vital interests. The Turkish intervention to support Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) …

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100 years of shame: Annexation of Palestine began in San Remo

One hundred years ago, representatives from a few powerful countries convened at San Remo, a sleepy town on the Italian Riviera. Together, they sealed the fate of the massive territories confiscated from the Ottoman Empire following its defeat in World War I. It was on April 25, 1920, that the San Remo Conference Resolution was passed by the post-World War …

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Are the Israelis really helping the Palestinians?

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, hit out at the Palestinian representative at the international body at a Security Council meeting last Thursday because Riyad Mansour had blamed the Israeli occupation for the misery of the Palestinians. Mansour added that the occupation is undermining the Palestinian Authority’s efforts against the coronavirus Covid-19. “The Palestinian situation in this pandemic …

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