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Associated Press Hasn’t Seen Any Evidence of Hamas Presence in Gaza Building

After meeting with AP executives, Israeli diplomat claims media building bombed last month was used by Hamas to disrupt Iron Dome The Associated Press has not seen any evidence that the Palestinian movement Hamas used the building which housed its offices in Gaza before it was bombed by Israel last month, the MEE reported today. AP issued a statement on Tuesday …

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Reports : Al-Khudari subjected to grave violations in KSA

Shehab – Palestine Palestinians have staged a campaign in social media, urging Saudi Arabia to release two Palestinians who are imprisoned in the kingdom. They called on the Riyadh regime to release Dr. Muhammad al-Khudari, 83, and his son Hani, who are being kept behind bars in Saudi Arabia over the past three years. Al-Khudari and his son were arbitrarily …

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Icon of civilian resistance for justice: Rachel Corrie

It has been 18 years since a 23-year-old American peace activist was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in the blockaded Gaza Strip. Rachel Corrie was killed on March 16, 2003, while she was staging a peaceful protest to protect the house of a Palestinian family from demolition. The killing of Corrie, who tried to raise the voice of life against …

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Israeli occupation gravely violates rights of Palestinian children – Palestine’s UN Observer

Palestine’s Permanent Observer to the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, said that the Israeli occupation’s impact on the safety, well-being, and mental health of Palestinian children has been especially distressing as child rights are gravely violated without consequence and children are left without protection. “As the situation in Occupied Palestine continues to deteriorate and Israel continues to entrench its illegal occupation, …

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UN, European states call on Israel to halt demolitions

The United Nations and European members of the Security Council on Friday called on Israel to stop demolitions of Bedouin settlements in the Jordan Valley, and for humanitarian access to the community living in Humsa Al-Baqaia. In a joint statement at the end of a monthly session of the Security Council on the conflict in the Middle East, Estonia, France, …

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Report: Shehab News Agency’s page is the most popular in Palestine

Today, Sunday, the Youth Media Center released the annual report on the reality of social media in Palestine for the year 2020, which diagnoses and monitors social media during the year, and which was full of multiple events and issues with which a large number of social media interacted. The head of the Media Youth Center, Iyad Al-Qara, said that …

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New report: Hundreds of Palestinian teenagers arrested from their beds in the middle of the night

Every year, the Israeli military arrests hundreds of Palestinian teenagers from their beds in the middle of the night, taking them to interrogation hand-cuffed and blindfolded, and traumatizing whole families, including young children, according to a new report by the Israeli human rights group HaMoked. The night arrests are in violation of Israeli military regulations and commitments to issue a …

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