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Israel keeps pregnant Ghana worker in solitary confinement

A heavily pregnant migrant worker from Ghana has been imprisoned and kept in isolation by the Israel Prison Service after she refused to be tested for tuberculosis, Haaretz reported. Despite the World Medical Association and the United Nations saying that holding pregnant women in isolation could severely hurt their physical and mental health and potentially harm the foetus, Jossephine Kwabiwaa …

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How Israel tortures Palestinians

Israel is committing crimes against humanity by torturing Palestinian detainees, prisoners rights group Addameer suggested in a recent report. Israel’s denial of fair trials to prisoners may also constitute war crimes, the group stated. Addameer had been collecting evidence on Israel’s use of torture and ill-treatment against Palestinian detainees since late August. Prison officers were found to have ill-treated some …

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Israel to build more detention facilities for Palestinians

The Israeli occupation government has approved a plan to build more detention facilities to accommodate thousands of new Palestinian prisoners. According to Israel’s Channel 7, four prisons will be built to accommodate about 4,000 Palestinians as part of a long-term plan to be finished in 2040. The project will also include other detention centers, police stations and courts. The Israeli …

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Israeli occupation forces raid Ramon jail and brutalized Palestinian prisoners

Israeli prison forces at dawn Monday raided cells in section 2 of the Ramon jail and brutalized Palestinian prisoners. According to the Palestinian Commission of Detainees, the prisoners in this section were assaulted, maltreated and transferred to other sections of the jail. The prison forces also ransacked the cells and tampered with the prisoners’ personal belongings. In recent months, the …

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 Israeli occupation forces detain 8 Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli occupation forces last night detained eight Palestinians, including two minors, after raiding their homes during raids across the occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS). Two Palestinians were detained by the army in the West Bank district of Bethlehem, including a minor who was identified as Mo’men Adnan Zaboun, 17. Two others were also arrested in …

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Father of captive Abu-Ghosh: ‘We did not recognise her due to atrocity of torture’

The father of captive Mais Abu-Ghosh, a student of Birzeit University and from Qalandiya refugee camp, north of occupied Jerusalem, divulged that his daughter was subjected to harsh investigation and torture at Al-Maskubiya Investigation Centre, since her arrest on 29 August. Abu-Ghosh’s father, Abu Hussein told the Prisoners’ Information Office that several weeks after the arrest of Abu-Ghosh, the occupation …

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Israel to demolish family homes of three Palestinian prisoners

An Israeli decision to demolish the family homes of three Palestinian prisoners as a punitive measure for resisting its occupation was highlighted on the front page of the three Palestinian Arabic dailies today. In addition to this, the Israeli occupation forces crackdown on the weekly anti-occupation protests in some West Bank villages, but mainly in Kufr Qaddoum in the northern …

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Israeli forces assault Palestinian prisoners in Megiddo jail

Israeli prison forces on Tuesday night stormed section 4 of the Megiddo jail and brutalized Palestinian prisoners. According to the Palestinian Prisoner Society, the forces’ raid on section 4 lasted for several hours before they transferred 20 prisoners to other temporary cells. A few days ago, 92 prisoners had been transferred from section 7, which was flooded by rainwater, to …

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Israel arrests 5 Palestinians at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli occupation forces yesterday arrested five Palestinians near the Al-Rahma Gate in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, Anadolu reported. According to a statement issued by the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem, they included one woman and  four men. Eyewitnesses told the Anadolu Agency that Israeli forces attacked a number of the Palestinian worshippers before arresting the five Palestinians inside the Islamic holy …

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