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Women in Damon jail suffer from bad prison conditions

The Palestinian Commission of Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs has said that the Palestinian women being held in Damon jails suffer from harsh incarceration conditions, while the prison administration refuses to respond to their demands. According to the Commission whose lawyer visited the prisoners in the jail, “the Damon jail, which is described as “dilapidated,” lacks the minimum human life conditions …

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Some 220 Palestinian children in ‘inhumane’ Israel jails

There are 220 Palestinian minors in Israeli jails, including eight girls, Director of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club (PPC) Qaddoura Fares said yesterday. Israeli raids to detain Palestinian children are carried out on a daily basis, Fares explained, and the minors are subjected to severe torture by Israeli occupation forces and interrogators. In addition, he stressed that the Palestinian children suffer …

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Hamas holds Israeli gov’t responsible for lives of Negev prisoners

The Hamas Movement has held the Israeli occupation government fully responsible for the lives and safety of Palestinian prisoners in the Negev jail after many of them suffered injuries in attacks by soldiers. “The recent events taking place in jails have been caused by the [Israeli] prison service’s intransigence and its refusal to respond to the just demands of the …

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IOF kidnaps 10 Palestinians from W. Bank homes

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Monday kidnapped 10 Palestinian citizens, including ex-detainees, from their homes in the West Bank. According to the Israeli army, 10 wanted Palestinians were arrested in the West Bank. In Nablus, two ex-detainees identified as Muntaser ash-Shannar and Abdul-Kareem Manna were kidnapped from their homes in different neighborhoods of the city. The IOF also …

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Israeli police arrest two Palestinians because of drawings!

The Israeli police on Wednesday arrested two Palestinians in Umm al-Fahm city in the 1948 occupied Palestinian territories. Palestinian sources said that the Israeli police arrested a young man and woman for allegedly spray painting graffiti calling for boycotting the Knesset elections and protesting Israel’s Minister of Interior Aryeh Deri’s visit to Umm al-Fahm. The Israeli media reported that a …

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Israel re-arrests previously jailed Palestinian-Belgian man

The Israeli occupation forces yesterday arrested a Palestinian-Belgian citizen, who was released last week after being held in Israeli prisons, hours before he was to board his flight heading to the Belgian capital of Brussels. “A Palestinian-Belgian citizen, who was released from a short jail term in Israel under the early release procedure, was returned to prison on the orders …

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Palestinian prisoners stopped taking medicines

Prisoners Media Office has said that the sick prisoners in the Negev jail have refrained from taking their medications and dealing with the internal clinic in protest at the cancer-causing jamming devices, which were recently installed by the Israeli prison service in the facility. In a brief statement on Saturday, Asra affirmed that Negev prison officers carrying rifles were reportedly …

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Egypt releases four Palestinian kidnapped young men

On Thursday evening, the Egyptian authorities released eight Palestinian detainees, four of whom were arrested three and a half years ago while traveling in an official manner through the Rafah crossing. According to Shehab, the four young men: Yasir Zanoun, Hussein al-Zubda, Abdullah Abu al-Jubain and Abdel-Daim Abu Libdeh. The four young men released after being kidnapped for about three …

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Israel releases Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar

Israeli forces today released Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar after detaining her for 20 months under administrative detention. Upon her release, Jarrar said that the Palestinian women prisoners in Israeli prisons “live in difficult conditions due to the occupation’s arbitrary practices against them.” She called on all Palestinian factions and parties to work by all means to release them as soon …

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