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Iran, Turkey and Qatar can form alliance says Hamas rep in Tehran

Iran, Turkey and Qatar can form an economic and political alliance in the region according to Khaled Al-Qaddoumi, the Hamas representative in Tehran. In an interview with Tehran Times published on Monday, Al-Qaddoumi said he believes the region is in dire need of a strong alliance to resist the Israeli occupation and foreign interventions. Asked about the recent normalisation between Israel and …

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Gaza is being left to tackle the pandemic on its own

Since Covid-19 first appeared, the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have tackled the pandemic with typical determination. Without delay, they implemented a strict quarantine regime with mandatory 21-day isolation in government-run facilities adjacent to the border posts. This seems to have worked well until last week’s announcement of confirmed cases outside the quarantine centres. Four people in the same family …

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Hamas: UAE-Israel deal will not make occupation acceptable

The Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas said yesterday that the Emirati-Israeli normalization deal will not change history or make the occupation acceptable. In a statement, a copy of which was sent to us, Hamas said: “Abu Dhabi’s rulers insist on the normalization of ties with the Israeli occupation through signing a shameful deal.” Hamas said that the deal “was turned into …

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The Palestinians are caught between ‘waiting’ and ‘the possibility’ of annexation

While the Palestine Liberation Organization has been calling upon the EU to step up from rhetoric to action regarding Israel’s forthcoming annexation of occupied West Bank territory, Europe’s Foreign Affairs Chief Josep Borrell invited Israeli Defence Minister Gabi Ashkenazi to Brussels to meet with the bloc’s foreign ministers. “While the international community is concerned with the ‘possibility’ of annexation,” said …

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Trump’s plan legitimizes apartheid. Our task is equal rights for all.

The Trump “Deal of the Century” is nothing if not predictable. The product of a small group of Orthodox Jewish Americans willingly adopting the long-standing plans of the Israeli right, it merely reaffirms what Israeli policy has in fact done “on the ground” over the past 53 years. In fact, we in the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) made …

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The most important EU meeting in Palestinian history

In one of the most important steps in the history of Palestinian-European relations, the European Union foreign ministers are holding preliminary meetings to discuss the European countries’ and EU’s recognition of a Palestinian state. The importance of European recognition of a Palestinian state lies in strengthening the Palestinian institutions’ self-capabilities and in continuing to build the state in order for …

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How should we interpret Hamas’ attendance at the funeral of Iran’s general?

The Iranian assassinated military commander, Qasem Soleimani, was carried to his final resting place on the shoulders of huge crowds packing the streets of the Iranian capital, Tehran. Speakers hailed the general as an Iranian national hero and the “martyr of Jerusalem”. It was Ismail Haniyeh, the former Palestinian prime minister and leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, who …

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