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Israel Seven-Decade Occupation To Palestine: United Land and People, Defeated None

Over Seventy years of systematic deprivation of human rights, land, and identity, has Israel had a hands-on control of Palestine? Palestinians are now of one determined bond to self-declare and independence than any time past. Nakba commemorations on 15 May will be like no other year that I can remember. The whole of historic Palestine is standing against injustice, apartheid, …

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US says UN Security Council to meet Sunday on Gaza-Israel

The UN Security Council will meet this weekend to discuss the situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip, the US announced Thursday, Anadolu Agency reported. In announcing the Sunday meeting, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US’s UN envoy, said the Biden administration “will continue to actively engage in diplomacy at the highest levels to try to de-escalate tensions.” Her Twitter post did …

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Israel launches air, ground and troops attack on Gaza

Israeli army says that they are launching air, ground and troops attacks against Gaza Strip, Anadolu Agency reports. Israel’s attacks on Gaza Strip since Monday leave 109 dead, including 28 children, 15 women, along with 621 injuries says the Health Ministry. The Israeli attacks come as Palestinian protesters demanded an end to the forced displacement of families from their homes …

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Avengers star demands sanctions on Israel for aggression against Palestinians

A star of the multi-million dollar Avengers movie franchise said it is time for sanctions to be imposed on Israel to free Palestinians. “Sanctions on South Africa helped free its black people – it’s time for sanctions on Israel to free Palestinians. Join the call,” Mark Ruffalo wrote on Twitter late Tuesday. Famous for various Hollywood roles, including the Hulk, …

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CPJ: At least 8 journalists injured in Jerusalem violence

Israeli security forces injured at least eight journalists covering the violent protests in East Jerusalem, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, Anadolu Agency reported. They included freelance reporters, photojournalists and Anadolu Agency reporters, who suffered injuries between Friday and Monday at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, the committee said Tuesday. “Journalists should be able to cover demonstrations in Jerusalem without …

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Israel: Lawyers call on Shin Bet to halt text message threats targeting Palestinians

Palestinian lawyers have written to Nadav Argaman, the head of Shin Bet, to demand the Israeli intelligence agency stops sending threatening text messages to Palestinians it accuses of involvement in recent protests at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. In a letter also sent to Israel’s attorney general on Thursday, Adalah, the Legal Centre for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, said the reported …

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Israeli extremists launch attacks on Arabs in Israeli cities

Hundreds of Israeli extremists launched attacks on Arab nationals on Wednesday in several cities across Israel, according to local media reports, Anadolu Agency reported. In Bat Yam, near Tel Aviv, dozens of Israelis attacked Arabs, leaving one seriously injured, Israel’s state-owned news channel KAN reported. Clashes occurred between Israeli occupation forces and Palestinians in the central city of Lod, according …

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British lawmaker makes impassioned plea over Jerusalem violence

British lawmaker Layla Moran, who is of Palestinian descent, made an impassioned plea in parliament Wednesday for the UK to support every effort to stop the escalating violence in Israel and Palestine, especially in Jerusalem, Anadolu Agency reported. She started by reading the names of children killed in the latest bout of violence: “Ibrahim al-Masri, 11. Marwan al-Masri, 6. Rahaf …

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Israel Army publishes propaganda video aimed at Westerners

The Israeli Army posted a propaganda video on Twitter last night aimed at Westerners. The video claimed Israel was “under attack”, and compared this to London, Paris or Washington being attacked. “What if it was Washington, Paris, London?” the video asked the viewer. The Twitter post was accompanied by dramatic music, and footage of unrest in Ashkelon, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, …

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