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Launching the “Facebook Executing Us” campaign from Jerusalem to oppose the digital executions of Arab content

Activists and Arab influencers launch a targeted campaign on social media platforms addressing the systematic banning and execution of the Arab safe, peaceful content. The campaign started from Jerusalem, considering the symbolism of the city, and in the shadow of the recent blocking of Arab content sympathetic to Palestine from millions of accounts and publications that presented or transmitted the …

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Security cooperation agreement signed by Turkey and Palestinian Authority enters into force

Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak reported that Ankara has taken the first step to re-implement the Libyan model with the Palestinians regarding a security cooperation agreement signed by Turkey and the Palestinian Authority (PA) that recently entered into force. In a report translated by Arabi21, the newspaper pointed out that Turkey, which expressed strong opinions regarding the recent Israeli aggression on …

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Israel police detain 2,142 Arab citizens over pro-Palestine stance

Israeli police said yesterday that they had arrested 2,142 Palestinian citizens of Israel filing indictments against 285 of them following protests against Israeli attacks in Jerusalem and the aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip, Anadolu reported. In a statement the police said 614 people were “still behind bars”, while the rest had been released. Illegal weapons were seized during search …

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Hamas Accepts Russian’s Invite to Moscow

Hamas yesterday accepted Russia’s invitation to visit Moscow to hold discussions with rival Palestinian movement Fatah, spokesman Hazem Qasem said. This comes as Russia’s Foreign Ministry announced its readiness to host a meeting between the Palestinian factions, Russian news agencies reported. In a press conference held on the sidelines of Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail …

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Arab League welcomes UN commission to probe Israel’s violations

The Arab League on Sunday welcomed the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution to create an international commission to investigate Israel’s violations against the Palestinians, reports Anadolu Agency. In a statement, the Cairo-based Arab League said the resolution comes “in the light of the [Israeli] ethnic cleansing in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, Silwan neighborhood, and the aggression on Gaza”. Saeed Abu …

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Turkey first lady visits bazaar to raise funds for Palestinian kids

Turkish first lady Emine Erdogan visited a recycling bazaar organized by a Turkish NGO in order to raise funds for Palestinian children living in East Jerusalem under Israeli occupation, Anadolu Agency reports. The event, which was organized by Social Development Centre Education and Social Solidarity Association (TOGEM-DER) in Baglarbasi Congress and Culture Center in Istanbul, aimed at “utilizing unused items …

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Resistance unites Palestinians, negotiations divides them, Meshaal says

Head of Hamas’ Political Bureau Abroad Khaled Meshaal said on Sunday that resistance and uprisings unite Palestinians, while negotiations divide them, Quds Press reported. This came during a speech he delivered to a popular gathering organised by the Justice and Development Party in the Moroccan capital Rabat to celebrate Palestine’s “victory” against the Israeli occupation army in Gaza. “Running after the mirage …

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