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17 Palestinian homes threatened with demolition in Silwan

Member of the Silwan Land Defense Committee Fakhri Abu Diyab has warned that 17 homes could be demolished by the end of next July in the east Jerusalem district of Silwan. “98 homes have been threatened with demolition, including 17 notified of immediate demolition under the Israeli ‘Kaminitz’ law that prevents any possibility for appealing against it or freezing it …

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Tensions in Jerusalem rising again, warns UN official

Tensions between Israeli settlers and Palestinians are again rising which threatens to bring about a new round of clashes, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Tor Wennesland has warned. “Tensions rising again in Jerusalem at a very fragile and sensitive security and political time, when the United Nations and Egypt are actively engaged in solidifying the ceasefire,” …

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Israeli occupation forces kidnaps three Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem

An undercover Israeli police force last night kidnapped three Palestinian young men in the neighbourhood of al-Tour in occupied Jerusalem, according to local sources. Israeli police officers dressed in civilian clothes were assaulting Rami Salaheddine, 21, Lo’ai Kiswani, 22, and Abdullah Hadra, 25, and threatening them at gunpoint, before they kidnapped them. The three had their hands tied to the …

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Egypt opposition calls for UK sanctions against Israel

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council are calling on the British government to take all measures to immediately stop the massacres committed by Israel against the defenceless Palestinian people, which “amount to war crimes.” This comes ahead of a debate due to be held in the House of Commons next week on introducing sanctions against Israel following its repeated violations of international …

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Israeli Occupation Forces attack a protest in Jerusalem against the expulsion of two Palestinian families

Israeli police attacked today a sit-in held in front of Israel’s Israeli Central Court in occupied Jerusalem city in solidarity with two Palestinian families who are threatened with the forcible expulsion from their homes in Silwan’s Batn al-Hawa area for the benefit of settlers. Israeli forces violently suppressed the sit-in which was held in front of Israel’s central court, where …

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Israeli prisoners are the Qassam Brigades’ intelligence treasure

A storm of speculation has followed statements by Hamas political and military leaders in the Gaza Strip, especially regarding the issue of the occupation soldiers captured by the Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the movement’s armed wing. We are facing a surreal and far from clear scenario open on all fronts to presumptions and attempts to read between the lines. The …

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Sheikh Jarrah Families Warn: Israel Attorney General’s Decision Paves Way for Displacement

A committee representing Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the occupied city of Jerusalem Monday warned that the Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit’s decision not to intervene in their case paves the way for their forcible displacement from their homes. On Monday, Mandelblit informed the Supreme Court that he will not intervene in the legal proceedings of Sheikh Jarrah …

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Launching the “Facebook Executing Us” campaign from Jerusalem to oppose the digital executions of Arab content

Activists and Arab influencers launch a targeted campaign on social media platforms addressing the systematic banning and execution of the Arab safe, peaceful content. The campaign started from Jerusalem, considering the symbolism of the city, and in the shadow of the recent blocking of Arab content sympathetic to Palestine from millions of accounts and publications that presented or transmitted the …

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