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Israeli forces detain 4 Palestinians in Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces last night detained four Palestinians from the old city of Jerusalem, according to local sources. Israeli police raided several homes in the Sa’diya quarter in the old city before detaining four Palestinians, two of whom are two brothers from the al-Haddad family. Almost on a daily basis, Israeli occupation forces carry out arrests of Palestinians under the …

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Israeli forces killed three kids from Gaza last January, Israeli occupation admits

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) on Sunday informed the Palestinian civil affairs office that three Palestinian kids had been killed last January during their alleged attempt to infiltrate from the Gaza Strip into Israel. The slain kids were identified as Mohamed Abu Mindeel, Salem Na’ami and Mahmoud Sa’eid. On January 21, Israeli news reports claimed that three Palestinian men were …

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Arrests in the West Bank and Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation forces arrested 4 Palestinians from different areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem, Saturday morning, Local sources said that the occupation forces arrested the two young men, Ibrahim Ibrahim Yahya and Amir Yusuf Yahya, during clashes in the village of Arqa, west of Jenin. The occupation forces arrested Islam Ali Nofal near the northern entrance to Qalqilya. The …

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