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Germany votes to define BDS as anti-Semitic

Germany today voted to define the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement as anti-Semitic, becoming the first major European parliament to do so. The German parliament – known as the Bundestag – this afternoon voted to accept a motion defining BDS as anti-Semitic. The motion, “Resist the BDS Movement – Fighting Antisemitism,” was sponsored by the Bundestag’s two largest parties …

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BDS launches global campaign to boycott Puma

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Movement has launched a global campaign to boycott the sportswear manufacturer “Puma” because of its sponsorship of the Israel football association, which includes teams in Israel’s illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land. “When companies like Puma sponsor and profit from illegal Israeli settlements, they give a nod to Israel’s far-right regime that its criminal land …

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Germany: 3 BDS activists on trial for protesting Israel MK

Three activists who protested against an Israeli politician yesterday appeared in a German court, facing trial for trumped-up claims of trespassing and assault. The trio – Palestinian activist Majed Abusalama and Israeli activists Ronnie Barkan and Stavit Sinai – are facing trial for their involvement in a June 2017 protest at Humboldt University, in the German capital Berlin, against Israeli …

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Corbyn calls for freeze on British arms sales to Israel

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for a British arms embargo against Israel after a UN Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry said that the Israeli occupation forces has likely committed war crimes on the Gaza border. “The UN says Israel’s killings of demonstrators in Gaza – including children, paramedics and journalists – may constitute ‘war crimes or …

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US lawmakers bully Ireland over move to ban Israel’s settlement goods

A grouping of US politicians has threatened Ireland with economic repercussions if it bans goods from Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank. Both houses in the Irish parliament, the Oireachtas, have approved a bill to outlaw Israel’s settlement exports during the past few months. Ten US lawmakers have reacted to the moves by warning that a ban could have “potentially severe …

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After Warsaw Summit, Arabs launch ‘Anti-Normalization’ campaign

In response to last week’s US-sponsored conference in Warsaw on peace and security in the Middle East, which brought together several Arab foreign ministers and the Israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Arab political activists and media representatives have launched a campaign aimed at criminalizing normalization between the Arab states and Israel. The campaign, launched on Saturday on Twitter, is …

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War on BDS: How AIPAC-Israel Agenda Became US Priority

The Israeli-US war declared on the Palestinian boycott movement is coming to a head, culminating in a well-orchestrated effort aimed at suffocating any form of tangible protest of the ongoing Israeli colonization of Palestine. But an Israeli ‘victory’, even with blind US government support, is still too elusive if at all guaranteed. Killing unarmed protesters at the fence separating besieged …

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2018was another year of BDS victories

An old saying attributed to Gandhi goes: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.” This saying is, broadly speaking, the right way to understand Israel’s response to the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, since it was first founded by Palestinian civil society in 2005. As of 2019, Israel is …

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