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Egypt reopens border crossing with Gaza for Eid holiday

Egypt opened its Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip yesterday, allowing stranded Palestinians to return home and celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid with their families, according to the Palestinian embassy in Cairo.

The embassy said Palestinians were stuck at Cairo airport for weeks since the crossing last opened in May, following Israel’s 11-day bombardment of the besieged enclave, allowing students, humanitarian cases, and those in need of medical care to leave the besieged territory. Almost 100 people have crossed the border.

However, it added that the crossing will be closed again from tomorrow after the first day of Eid Al-Adha.

The Rafah border is the main exit point for Gaza’s two million population.

Israel has imposed a 13-year siege on the Gaza Strip which Egypt has supported by closing its border with the enclave. People, goods and even basic amenities such as food and gas are restricted, leaving Palestinians in Gaza suffering from only a couple of hours of electricity a day and no access to the outdoor world.