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Gaza prepares animals for Eid Al-Adha

As the Eid Al-Adha holiday approaches, Palestinians in Gaza are preparing calves and sheep for slaughter with 35,000 animals expected to be purchased for this day.

Farmer Ahmed Al-Batini, the owner of one of livestock warehouses in Gaza, says that he has no cows left for sale, because people and charities have bought them early. Charities are also expected to import animals for Eid.

The price of a kilogramme of veal ranges between 17 and 19 shekels ($5.19-$5.81), depending on the type of calf, while the price of cows drops to 15 shekels ($4.58), and a kilo of lamb reaches $7.

Palestinians in Gaza face numerous obstacles when buying sacrificial animals including the regular electricity cuts which mean they are unable to store food in fridges and freezers.

Unemployment and poverty rates are also rising in the besieged enclave leaving many people unable to pay for sacrifices.