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Israeli occupation forces kidnap 45 Palestinian students

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Wednesday evening kidnaped dozens of Birzeit University students, including young women, after they visited the family of Palestinian prisoner Muntaser al-Shalabi in Turmus Ayya town, north of Ramallah.

According the Islamic Bloc (Hamas’s student wing), the IOF kidnaped 45 male and female Birzeit students after they returned from a visit to the family of Shalabi.

Ismail al-Barghouthi, coordinator of the Islamic Bloc at the university, explained that plain-clothes forces aboard two commercial vehicles intercepted the bus carrying the students on a road at the main entrance to Turmus Ayya, rounded them up and confiscated the bus they were aboard.

According to the Turmus Ayya municipality, the IOF forced all the students aboard to the bus to leave it, tied their hands, blindfolded them and checked their ID cards before taking them away.

Last Thursday, the IOF detonated the house of prisoner Shalabi, who is accused of carrying out a drive-by shooting attack last May at a checkpoint in southern Nablus, killing one Jewish settler and injuring two others.

Meanwhile, Israeli police forces on the same day assaulted and kidnaped three Palestinian young men, one of them wounded, in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan.

Police forces also attacked and clashed with local residents in the neighborhoods of Beit Ayyoub (Silwan) and at-Tur.

During the events in at-Tur, the Israeli police allowed extremist Jewish settlers to stage a provocative march in its streets and attacked local residents and their property with skunk water.

Local sources said that al-Makassed Hospital in at-Tur had to shut its external gates as a result of the unpleasant odor.