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Gaza incurs $479m in losses following Israel offensive

Gaza suffered $479 million worth of damages during Israel’s 11-day bombardment of the enclave in May, the Palestinian Ministry of Housing in Gaza announced today.

In a press conference, Deputy Housing Minister Naji Sarhan said that the losses were suffered in the housing, infrastructure, development and economic sectors.

The housing sector and infrastructure losses made up 61 per cent out of the overall damages incurred, the development and economic sectors 33 per cent and the social development sector seven per cent, he added.

The Palestinian government in Gaza formed the High Government Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza following the Israeli offensive.

The committee, Sarhan said, adopted international standards in relation to estimating the losses and the damage inflicted on the different sectors.

Sarhan, whose ministry supervises the committee, said that the main challenge facing Gaza and its residents is the repeated Israeli offensives on the besieged enclave.

He called for the international community to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza in order to let its people live in peace and dignity.

Meanwhile, he called for the full opening of the Gaza crossings in order to let all the materials needed for the industrial and commercial sectors enter the Strip.

He called on all Arab states to take part in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and to provide for its emergency relief needs, as well as the rebuilding of homes and other facilities.