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Facebook deletes Gaza’s Arabic Shehab News Agency Page

Facebook on Tuesday closes the Palestinian Shehab News Agency from its platform, under the claim of ‘violating community standards.’

Headquartered in the besieged Gaza Strip, the news agency is portraying articulate, independent, all-sides story mainly and exposing the Israeli occupation and Israel’s violations against Palestinians in Gaza, the occupied West Bank, and occupied Jerusalem.

Before it was blocked from publishing on the platform, the Arabic page of Shehab News had over seven million followers on before Shehab News took to Twitter to confirm its removal on Tuesday. 

Worth mentioning is that the organization is being followed by over 500,000 followers on Twitter, where it constantly tweets photos and videos from across the occupied Palestinian territories and the world.

Concerning the The English Facebook page for Shehab News, it still works with over 50,000 followers.

Shehab News has been working since 2007, covering primarily on Palestinian affairs and Gaza specifically, and wider news from the Middle East.

Shehab News Agency is number one media outlet followed by Palestinians and Arab who are interested in discovering all sides of the story of the Palestinian and the region coverage.

It also occupies rank number 10 of Arabic news media platforms, concerning the activeness and the accuracy the page provides its readers with.

Many people had reported their pages being down, hashtags limited and posts removed. In a statement released at the time, Instagram and Facebook had claimed that the problems had been due to a global technical issue, since fixed.

However, many social media users have continued to say that their posts are being censored, especially Palestinians.