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200 Palestinians wounded in the Israeli suppression of a Palestinian march in the West Bank

Dozens of Palestinians were wounded on Friday during the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) suppression of peaceful Palestinian marches in the towns of Beita and Osrin, south of Nablus.

The Palestinian Red Cross reported that the total number of injuries during the IOF violent quelling of the demos amounted to 294.

Local sources said that three citizens were shot with live bullets, one of them in his foot while 84 others were injured by rubber bullets and the others suffered breathing problems.

In Beita, IOF deliberately targeted the medical staff, as a metal bullet penetrated the glass of an ambulance vehicle which led to the injury of a paramedic with flying glass fragments, according to the sources. 

The IOF soldiers also targeted the press crews, as two journalists, Tariq Al-Sarkji and Naseem Abu Mualla, were wounded by rubber-coated metal bullets.

Avitar outpost witnessed the evacuation of settlers based on an agreement between the Israeli government and the settlers in the outpost built on Mount Sobeih in Beita. 

The agreement stated that the settlers would leave the outpost by the end of the week while the facilities they built on the mountain will not be demolished, in addition to establishing a military base and organizing regular meetings for settlers there.

The residents of Beita confirmed that the daily activities against the outpost would not stop until the evacuation of the caravans and the IOF soldiers and until the citizens can reach their lands freely without any presence of the IOF and settlers.