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Israeli occupation forces arrested at least 16 Palestinians last night

In their nightly raid-and-detain campaign, the Israeli occupation forces last night and this morning rounded up at least 16 Palestinians from the occupied territories, according to various sources.

They said soldiers raided Arroub refugee camp, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, where they detained seven Palestinians, two of them 17 years of age and one 48 years.

Further north, soldiers raided Dar Salah village near Bethlehem and detained former lawmaker Mohammad Abu Tir, 71, who is originally from occupied East Jerusalem but exiled from the city in 2010 and forced to move into the West Bank. Abu Tir had served a total of 36 years in Israeli prisons for resisting the occupation.

In the north of the West Bank, soldiers detained a Palestinian from Qusin village, in the Nablus district, during a raid of his home, and another from Roujib village detained at a military checkpoint near the illegal Yitzhar settlement. Two brothers from Beita village were detained at a checkpoint near Ramallah.

Two others from the Jenin district were detained at their place of work inside Israel and a third at his home in Jenin city.

A Palestinian high school student was also detained during a raid at his family home in Abu Dis, east of occupied Jerusalem.