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On hunger strike for 53 days, Palestinian in Israeli prison faces serious deterioration in health

A Palestinian detainee in Israel who has been on hunger strike for 53 days today demanding an end to his illegal administrative detention is facing serious deterioration in his health, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Commission.

It said the administrative detainee, Ghadanfar Abu Utwan, has entered into a coma at an Israeli hospital and that his health is in constant deterioration.

Abu Utwan’s family also said its son has lost ability to talk.

Abu Utwan has rejected a ruling by the Israeli High Court two days ago to suspend his administrative detention in return for ending his hunger strike, demanding a clear ruling ending his detention rather than just suspending it.

The Israeli military prosecutor proposed to the court suspending the administrative detention following medical reports indicating serious deterioration in Abu Utwan’s health.

Palestinian administrative detainees in Israel often resort to hunger strike to force an end to their illegal detention that would often be extended for several years.