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UNRWA: Living conditions in Gaza deteriorating

“Living conditions” in Gaza are “clearly deteriorating” due to the ongoing Israeli siege which is entering its 15 year, Anadolu reported Acting Director of UN Refugee and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza, Sam Rose, saying yesterday.

The latest Israeli offensive on Gaza, Rose said, also contributed to the deterioration of the living conditions.

The UN official said that the organisation will start carrying out several programmes, including distributing food parcels and repairing homes damaged during the latest Israeli offensive on Gaza.

He also stated that UNRWA is to start the psychological support programme through summer camps, noting that about 150,000 Palestinian refugee students are expected to benefit from it.

According to UNRWA, 1,400 homes were completely or severely damaged and 14,000 others were partially damaged.

Rose said UNRWA will pay $2,000 to each family that has lost its home.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said Israeli military raids on the besieged enclave killed 254 persons, including 66 children, 39 women and 17 elders, in addition to wounding 1,948.