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Supporters to protest provocative ‘flag march’ at Israeli mission in Manhattan

Supporters of Palestine from across the New York City area said today they will rally outside the Israeli mission to the United Nations in Manhattan as part of a day of rage, announced in protest of the so-called ‘flag march’ planned by Israeli settlers against Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

“Israelis have announced plans to invade Al-Aqsa and expand their colonization,” said Fatin Jarrar, a member of Al-Awda New York: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition and the Palestinian Youth Movement. “We are demanding direct action and calling for governments and people to embargo and sanction Israel until it ends its violent settler-colonial projects.”

“Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed and thousands injured in defense of Al-Aqsa over the last several weeks, from Gaza to Jerusalem to the West Bank and beyond,” said Nerdeen Kiswani, chair of Within our Lifetime: United for Palestine. “The Israeli ‘flag march’ is a slap in the face to Palestinians and marks another iteration of Zionist violence that is sure to come.”

The event is being called for by Al-Awda New York: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, American Muslims for Palestine – New Jersey Chapter, Existence Is Resistance, Jews for Palestinian Right of Return, Labor for Palestine, the Palestinian Youth Movement, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, and Within our Lifetime: United for Palestine.