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Israeli Occupation Forces attack a protest in Jerusalem against the expulsion of two Palestinian families

Israeli police attacked today a sit-in held in front of Israel’s Israeli Central Court in occupied Jerusalem city in solidarity with two Palestinian families who are threatened with the forcible expulsion from their homes in Silwan’s Batn al-Hawa area for the benefit of settlers.

Israeli forces violently suppressed the sit-in which was held in front of Israel’s central court, where a hearing was held to look into the case of Salem Ghaith and Jawad Abu Nab families, who are one the hundreds of families threatened with the forcible expulsion from their homes from the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah for the benefit of Israeli settlers.

The police detained both Basel al-Dweik and Adel al-Silwadi after severely beating them up.

The defending human rights organization, Al-Haq, said in a statement: “Despite the fact that East Jerusalem is occupied and illegally annexed and the majority of the population in East Jerusalem are Palestinians and that Israeli settlers reside illegally in occupied East Jerusalem, Israeli zoning laws have allocated 35 per cent of the land area for the construction of illegal settlement by Israeli settlers, and 52 per cent of East Jerusalem has been allocated as “green areas” and “unplanned areas” in which construction is prohibited.”