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Egypt worried about delay in reaching deal between Hamas, Israel

Egypt is concerned about the prospects of brokering an agreement between Hamas and Israel over a possible prisoner swap deal, Israeli media reported.

According to Israel Hayom, Egyptian intelligence, which is mediating talks between Israel and Hamas, is not seeing real progress in any of the issues in question, which include a prisoner swap deal.

Cairo is also concerned that there are no Israeli officials who are able to make decisions as a result of there being only a caretaker government at present as coalition talks continue on the ground.

Egyptian mediators believe that since the ceasefire came into effect on 21 May, no progress has been made, especially in light of the tense political situation in Israel. No one is able to take a firm decision, with the outcome being delay and uncertainty, the Israeli newspaper added.

The ceasefire brought an end to Israel’s 11-day bombing campaign against the besieged enclave which killed over 250 Palestinian civilians, including 66 children.