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Hamas Accepts Russian’s Invite to Moscow

Hamas yesterday accepted Russia’s invitation to visit Moscow to hold discussions with rival Palestinian movement Fatah, spokesman Hazem Qasem said.

This comes as Russia’s Foreign Ministry announced its readiness to host a meeting between the Palestinian factions, Russian news agencies reported.

In a press conference held on the sidelines of Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said: “Representatives of different Palestinian factions, including Fatah and Hamas, may visit Moscow to hold consultations among themselves.”

Bogdanov, who also holds the position of the Russian president’s special envoy to the Middle East and Africa, stated that his country “is still in contact with Fatah and Hamas and other Palestinian factions.”

Bogdanov said that Russia has “permanent plans to hold Palestinian-Israeli and Palestinian-Palestinian meetings,” noting that “these proposals are always on the table, and if there is a desire, we are always ready and we believe that such meetings will be useful.”

“If they [the factions] have a desire to negotiate with each other, with or without us, in Moscow, which is a comfortable place for everyone, we are ready to host a meeting between them at any time,” Bogdanov said.